Yonas and Corentin: their paths separate


Yonas and Corentin: their paths separate

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We left Yonas and Corentin at the Georgian border a month and a half ago. Let's find out what has happened to our two committed bikers since then

Yonas and Corentin have been traveling east for a little over three months now. As a reminder, these two young graduates from UCLouvain are cycling towards Malaysia from Brussels and can be sponsored for the benefit of Louvain Cooperation projects in Cambodia, which they will soon discover.

Since their departure, they have already visited thirteen countries, discovered dozens of landscapes and met numerous cultures. It's not easy every day, but their motivation is always intact!

Arriving in Georgia, Yonas and Corentin took some time to rest and visit this little-known country. Treks in the snow to tackle a glacier, and discovery of medieval villages perched in the mountains. They were charmed, as much as by the hospitality: "We stayed in a guest house managed by two very welcoming grandparents. During the power cuts, we were able to cook with the grandmother on the wood stove. The grandfather seemed to like us, he offered us a drink whenever he saw us."

Towards Armenia

Yoco CampingGetting back on the road with these elevations and this temperature was hard: "the legs have to get used to pedaling so much again. In addition, we gained a lot of elevation. We were in remote villages in Georgia climbing steep paths On two occasions, locals told us that there was too much snow on the path we wanted to take or that the path was closed."

Helped by the locals, they eventually reached the Armenian border: "We arrived there after dark. We were freezing. Once we crossed the border, we found a van to take us to the next town which had a train station. We spent the night there before taking the train to Yerevan. We arrived in Yerevan on December 31, we checked into a youth hostel. We found some friendly travelers there, including another cyclist. We celebrated the New Year together."

Two months alone

Arriving at the Iranian border, the two friends decided to take different paths for the next two months. Corentin will continue through Iran and Pakistan by bike and Yonas will fly to India to backpack across the country. "We arranged to meet on February 27 at the Nepalese border to continue cycling together. We went together to the bus station and Corentin left for the first Iranian city."

We will therefore continue to give you news of their respective adventures.

Don’t forget to support them and, through them, Louvain Cooperation’s projects in Cambodia. They are counting on you ! THANKS

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