LC 227

Monitoring and Evaluation Volunteer

Objective of placement

To help and strengthen the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system for Louvain Coopération and its partners including TPO, MoPoTsyo and MODE

Key roles and responsibilities

  • Review or design of programme monitoring and evaluation framework, data collection tools and reporting format as well as interview programme team members to determine their knowledge, skills and practice in M&E
  • Develop indicator definitions
  • Analyse data/information needs (based on the current projects, donor requirements etc); what tools will be used to collect what data; how the data will be fed into the system; what kind of analyses to generate so that the system is not developed to be just a ‘data store’
  • Develop an electronic M&E database for the country programmes
  • Develop guideline documents e.g. description of tools, forms and tools
  • Develop a sample for writing the significant change story and train to staff
  • Provide monitoring and evaluation training to relevant staff, including concepts and principles of M&E systems
Profil recherché

Stagiaire étudiant ou volontaire non rémunéré. Ressortissant OCDE. Required English.

1. Essential qualifications

Under graduate or post graduate degree or equivalent in a relevant management, and business discipline or related field.

2. Essential work experiences/skills

  • Experience in monitoring and evaluation of a programme or project
  • Experience in design of monitoring and evaluation in an organization
  • Ability to communicate with other NGOs
  • Ability to work independently with little supervision
  • Ability to work effectively within a different cultural context and with limited resources
  • Ability to encourage and motivate others with flexible approach
  • Patience, tolerance and flexibility

3. Desirable work experience/skills

  • Knowledge of donor monitoring and requirements
  • Knowledge in developing logical framework, monitoring and evaluate plans and evaluation report
  • Proficiency in the use of Word, Excel, Power Point, outlook, SPSS or other relevant software programme
  • Awareness and sensitivity of cross-cultural settings
Infos supplémentaires + comment postuler

Partenaires : TPO, MoPoTsyo, MODE

Introduction des demandes via le formulaire ci-dessous (Offre de stage – volontariat).


LC 227

Phnom Penh – Cambodia
Min. 3 mois
Beginning 2016
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